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Curb Appeal!

Curb Appeal!


Work is finally complete at Fox Hill! Since 2013, Prime Home Improvement has been removing original decaying wood siding from 34 structures at Fox Hill. The wood clapboards have been replaced with vinyl siding and insulated backing.

Improvement to the overall aesthetic of Fox Hill is easy to see. What isn’t obvious to the eye is the increased energy efficiency and low-maintenance. The vinyl siding is impervious to rot and termites. Instead of requiring new paint every 5-7 years, the siding is guaranteed for 50 years and will maintain it’s appearance with just a power-wash.  

Homeowners will now see energy savings, maintenance savings, increased sales value and curb appeal! How nice to come home to!

Curb appeal!

Click through the slide show below to see the transformation.

Pond Rescue

Pond Rescue

The restored pond at Fox Hill

The pond at Fox Hill has a clean, fresh look thanks to work done by Limnology Information Freshwater Ecology, Inc. (LIFEincponds.com). After four treatments (twice a year) the water has been cleared of excessive algae, thereby restoring it’s optimal oxygen content. What’s wrong with algae?

Although algae are an essential part of the natural ecosystem in any healthy pond, uncontrolled algae growth can produce green water, low oxygen levels, and unpleasant odors. Most serious water quality problems originate from land uses or other activities near or in the pond. The effects of these activities can often be minimized through proper management and early detection of problems through testing.
— LIFE inc.

Future improvements are planned for 2017 and beyond. They include removing overgrowth of undesirable plant life in proximity to the pond and then the shoreline itself.

Photos by John Maggiotto